The rare sight of trees in the once heavily forested Cabrach

The rare sight of trees in the once heavily forested Lower Cabrach

The Cabrach Trust has been awarded funding through the Forestry Commission Scotland to carry out a Community Woodland Feasibility Study. This project will deliver a finished feasibility study that will identify the best options for a community lead woodland.

This woodland will be created to:

  • Increase recreation opportunities through the creation of wood land walks. Encouraging people to spend time outdoors in this wonderful country side through the promotion of the outdoor spaces.
  • Develop a community group of volunteers that will maintain and take ownership of these woodland spaces.
  • Bring the local community together through an annual series of events around natural play, walking, wildlife, outdoor skills training and general health improvement.
  • Increase Biodiversity of the area through the creation of mixed woodland.
  • Make access to woodlands easier for all sectors of society. Use woodland access to help improve physical and mental health in the Cabrach and surrounding areas. Provide a greater range of ways for people to enjoy woodlands.

The intention is to provide long term sustainable woodland with in the Cabrach area, meeting the needs of the local community and the wider area by providing increased recreation opportunities through the creation of wood land walks. These walks will be part of the tourism offering of the Distillery and Heritage centre. The paths would join into existing paths creating wider walking opportunities encouraging people to spend time outdoors. We will incorporate woodland and nature interpretation into the visitor experience at the Heritage centre and attract educational groups interested in exploring the countryside of the Cabrach.

The study will identify the best routes and positioning of woodland with in the Inverharroch site.  These could be along the sides of the rivers or as shelter belts in exposed areas. It will identify which species will thrive in the local conditions, be it a mix of Rowans, Birch, Hazel and Holly with native shrub planting.

We are very excited at this great opportunity and we hope you can help us with the woodland development. We will be seeking your ideas as this project develops and please let us know if you want to get involved.